ToxHQ to Utilize New Safety Assessment Lab

Dr Tatyana Doktorova to open Douglas Connect's new lab

Named Douglas Connect’s Senior Toxicologist in March 2017, Tatyana was soon at the heart of Douglas Connect’s community development efforts (e.g., OpenTox), its support of collaborative research projects (EUToxRisk, OpenRiskNet), and its development of innovative solutions in safety assessment for industry pursued within ToxHQ. She has also taken on responsibility for creating the company’s new Safety Assessment Laboratory.

Setting up a brand new lab is a rare opportunity and Tatyana found herself learning the details of the equipment supply business, while continuing her other work. “I succeeded in a tough PhD, so paying attention to detail is one of my strengths,” she says.

The new lab will be operational in early Spring 2018. “We want to provide in vitro assays to make our in silico predictions stronger,” Tatyana explains. “We will be able to demonstrate good data-management practices in the lab, showing how raw data can be preformatted, analysed, stored, connected. Once we start running the lab, we can offer training in how data-management should be done. When you know every step of where samples are, where data is coming from, with nice management and storage, you get the maximum results, with fewer mistakes.”

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